Explosion Proof Heater, ATEX Certified.

Explosion Proof Process Heater
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ATEX Certified

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  • Capacity 1.5 - 13.6kW
  • Certified for ATEX zone 2 and 22
  • Energy efficient
  • Environment friendly
  • Free Installation Support
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The Ex-Machinery Electric Air Heater Ex-series are designed for the air heating process in gas or dust explosive environments. The heaters are of rigid construction with enclosed AISI 304 heater elements and are suitable for the harshest environments. The EAH-Ex series allow easy, accurate and safe control of process temperatures.

To be used in Food industry, Chemical plants, Plastics industry.

All our explosion proof heaters are supplied with:

  • ATEX-marking
  • Declaration of conformity 3G/D
  • Installation instruction for hazardous areas
  • User manual

Specifications: ATEX Process Heater

General Technical Specifications

Capacity 3.7 - 33kW
Voltage 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
400 VAC, 3Ph, 50/60 Hz
Temperature Accuracy 8°C(standard), 2°C PID control
Heater Technology Stainless steel ASI304 elements filled with electrical grade magnesium
Control PID thyristor control
Smallest model: 500mm x 500mm x 500mm

Largest model: 750mm x 750mm x 1800mm
48 - 78kg

Explosion Safety Specifications (ATEX)

EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX 114)
ATEX marking gas 3G Ex nAC IIC T2 Gc
ATEX marking dust 3D Ex tc h IIB T225°C Dc
Applied Standards EN 60079-0; Explosive atmospheres - Part 0: Equipment - General requirements

EN 60079-15; Explosive atmospheres - Part 15 : Equipment protection by type of protection "n"

EN 60079-31; Explosive atmospheres - Part 31: Equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure "t"