Explosion proof ATEX Heaters

For safe heating, drying and freeze protection in hazardous areas, ATEX zone 2 and 22

ATEX Process Heaters and Unit Heaters

Ex-Machinery offers explosion proof, ATEX certified heaters. Our product line includes process heaters and unit heaters. Both electric and warm water heaters are available, depending on your specific circumstances.

Our ATEX experts modify existing heaters to be ATEX compliant, and thus explosion proof. For customers with specific requirements our experts engineer bespoke explosion proof heaters.

The article below gives an overview of our explosion proof heater product lines. It also supplies additional information about ATEX certification, pricing, and choosing a suitable ATEX certified heater.

For further assistance feel free to contact us directly. Also note that all our ATEX heaters are listed on your right.

ATEX Process and Room Heaters, Using Hot Water Or Electricity

We offer both ATEX process heaters and unit (room) heaters.

The explosion proof unit heaters provide a comfortable workspace for your employees. These ATEX space heaters will also keep your stored products in good condition. Use our ATEX unit heaters for heating, drying and freeze protection.

Our explosion proof process heaters are bespoke products, specially designed for a specific job. Ex-Machinery's ATEX process heaters accurately generate heat flow at the right temperature for your production process. Read more on safe drying of tea leaves in our blog

Heater Range *
ATEX Zone 2, 22
Fan coil room heater
11.4 - 72.1 kW Hot Water
EAH Ex-series
Process heater
3.7 - 33 kW Electricity
ATEX Heater accessories
5-step regulator Thermostat

*For other ATEX heating solutions please contact us.

Did you know that it is worth considering using an air conditioner for heating instead of a heater? You could profit from a considerable amount of saving on energy use. A 7.5 kW electrical heater releases the same heat as a 2 kW air conditioner.

ATEX certified heaters, for safe use in zones 2 and 22

All our explosion proof heaters are supplied with an ATEX certificate and ATEX marking, in order to guarantee safety.

The ATEX certificate proves that the explosion proof HVAC equipment is in compliance with the ATEX directive. Compliance is based on the following harmonised standards: EN 60079-0, EN 60079-15, EN 60079-11. All equipment is assessed and modified to comply with these ATEX standards.

ATEX marking; 3G and 3D

Gas explosive atmospheres are classified as ATEX zone 0, 1 or 2. We offer explosion proof heaters for gas explosive atmospheres zone 2. The ATEX marking for zone 2 is 3G. We also offer ATEX heaters suitable for dust explosive atmosperes, zone 22; ATEX marking 3D. You can find a full explanation on ATEX zones in relation to explosion proof equipment in our blog.

Is ATEX certification accepted in my country?

in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and in the Far East, ATEX certification always meets the standards to prove that equipment is explosion safe. In South Africa an additional unit certificate is required. For certified equipment outside of the previously named areas, please contact us.

ATEX certified accessories for you ATEX heater

We provide the following ATEX heater accessories:

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What sets the price of an explosion proof heater?

What does an ATEX certified heater cost? The price of an explosion proof heater ATEX is made up around the following factors: :

  • The classified hazardous area
  • The required type and model
  • Explosion protection for dust explosive risks requires a more complex technical modification than gas explosive risks
  • The heating capacity
  • Any optional accessories, e.g. a 5-step fan regulator.

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