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Manufacturing Explosion Proof Air Conditioners, ATEX Certified for zone 2 and 22

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Economical office use explosion proof air conditioner


Samsung ATEX Certified Air Conditioner


Original ATEX explosion proof AC Unit


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Super high ambient atex air conditioner up to 55 degrees ambient temperature
BRAND Ex-M Mitsubishi Ex-M Samsung Ex-M Daikin Ex-M Mitsubishi Ex-M MRC
AMBIENT TEMPERATURE 46 °C 50 °C 52 °C 46 °C Max. 55 °C
REFRIGERANT R32 R32 / R-410A R32 R32 R-410A / R134A / R404A etc.
DUTY Office Use 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
EXPLOSION PROOF ATEX Zone 2 or 22 ATEX Zone 2 or 22 ATEX Zone 2 or 22 ATEX Zone 2 or 22 ATEX Zone 1, 2 or 22

About Explosion Proof Air Conditioners

Ex-Machinery offers a wide range of ATEX certified explosion proof air conditioners. All inverter air conditioners are equipped with refrigerant R32 or R-410A, for optimal performance and energy-efficiency.

We ATEX modify leading brands such as Mitsubishi, Carrier, Samsung and Daikin, so you can work safely in ATEX classified zones. We have an extended range of advanced models, capacities and special features available, for example a redundant system, high ambient models and 3 phase no neutral.

The following article explains everything about the various ATEX air conditioners we offer. You may also request your quotation directly, or view the products on your right.

Air Conditioners certified for ATEX zones 2 and 22

In order to guarantee safety, all our explosion proof air conditioner units are delivered with an ATEX certificate and ATEX marking. The ATEX certificate proves that the explosion proof HVAC equipment is in compliance with the ATEX directive. Compliance is based on the following harmonised standards: EN 60079-0, EN 60079-15, EN 60079-11. All equipment is assessed and modified to comply with these ATEX standards.

3D and 3G; ATEX marking

ATEX certification for zone 2 is marked as 3G (gas explosive atmospheres). ATEX certification for zone 22 is marked as 3D (dust explosive atmospheres). Read more on the relationship between ATEX zones and required equipment in our blog.

Is ATEX certification applicable in my country?

ATEX certified explosion proof HVAC is always accepted in Europe, the Middle East, Africa (an additional unit certificate is required in South Africa) and in the Far East. Additional certification may be required in other countries.

Do I need an explosion proof indoor and outdoor A/C unit?

Depending on your situation you might not need both the indoor and outdoor unit to be ATEX certified. Please specify if the indoor, outdoor or both A/C units need to be ATEX certified. Our explosion proof air conditioners come in complete sets unless requested otherwise.

Various models up to 25kW (85,000 BTU / 7RT)

We offer single split, multi split and window air conditioners to be used for cooling, but also for heating purposes in ATEX classified areas.

Our Brands and Models

Ambient Temperature Advantage
R-410A or R32 50 ℃ Best buy
Samsung Super High Ambient
R-410A or R32 55 ℃ Highest Ambient Temperature
R32 52 ℃ High Ambient Temperature
Mitsubishi Mr. Slim
R32 46 ℃ Original Mr. Slim
Mitsubishi RAC
Office Use
R32 46 ℃ Economical option

*Daikin air conditioners are provided by our trusted supplier Climalogic.

Capacity per Unit Type

Multi Split AC
1.5 - 14
5,100 - 47,700 From 2 up to 8 indoor units per outdoor unit.
Single Split AC
2.5 - 25
8,530 - 85,300
Window AC
2.8 - 3.7
9,550 - 12,600 Nominal chilling power of 2.8 - 3.7

Did you know that using an air conditioner for heating purposes safes a substantial amount of energy compared to using an electrical industrial heater? A 2 kW air conditioner releases the same heat as an 7.5 kW electrical heater.

To suit your specific requirements you may choose from any of the explosion proof air conditioners on your right.

Bespoke Explosion Proof Air Conditioners

We also provide special AC solutions for:

  • Highly corrosive environments
  • Duplication of critical functions e.g. for computer rooms or chemical storage rooms (redundant system)
  • ATEX proof ventilation systems in addition to heating and cooling functions e.g. for battery rooms.
  • High ambient temperatures (maximum 55 ℃)
  • Stainless steel casing, marine grade.
  • Copper/copper coil
  • ATEX zone 1
  • Air handling units with a typical capacity of 1200 KW on request

Request your quotation, including your specific needs.

What is the price of an explosion proof air conditioner?

What does an explosion proof AC unit cost? The price of an ATEX certified air conditioner is made up around the following factors:

  • The classified hazardous area
  • Whether both the indoor and outdoor unit need to be explosion proof, or not.
  • The required type and model
  • Explosion protection in dust explosive atmospheres requires a more complex technical modification than in gas explosive atmospheres. Thus, it is more expensive.
  • The cooling/heating capacity
  • Any optional special solutions, e.g. a redundant system

To find out the price of your specific air conditioner, request your quick quote below.

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