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  • Certified for ATEX zone 2 and 22
  • EN54-23 certified
  • Optimal coverage
  • Suitable for use in noisy environments
  • Easy installations


The N-Exus Pulse is an explosion proof alarm system, approved for Zones 2 and 22. Suitable for both gas and dust explosion hazardous areas.

For quick and successful evacuation of all workers in case of fire, escape of toxic gases or a failing ventilation system. In small or large production facilities. Also to be used on locations for all employees on small or large production facilities. Highly suitable for those working in sound reducing conditions.

Delivery time: from 2 weeks.

Key benefits of our explosion safe N-Exus Pulse alarm device:

  • Certified for Zones 2 and 22
  • EN54-23 certified
  • Optimal device and system coverage
  • Suitable for use in noisy environments
  • Combines with regular version smoothly. Equal operation and same software for ex-version and regular version.

Place the ATEX alarm device only in your hazardous areas. We guarantee full integration in your present system.

As we modify the original into an explosion safe version, there is no need to operate different systems and to install different software. This keeps it simple for your maintenance staff and is cost effective. We modify all brands.

All Ex-alarm devices are supplied with:

  • ATEX-marking
  • Declaration of conformity 3G/D
  • Installation instruction for hazardous areas
  • User manual

Specifications: ATEX Certified Alarm Beacon

General Technical Specifications

Applied Standard EN54-23
Voltage 10-60 VDC
Casing IP66 rated
Material Impact Proof ABSS

HxWxD (mm)
150 x 166 x 214
Sound 64 tones, volume can be controlled.
Stages 3 stages of alarm

Explosion Safety Specifications (ATEX)

EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX 114)
ATEX marking gas ATEX Zone 2: <Ex> II 3G Ex nA IIC T4 Gc
ATEX marking dust 3D Ex tc IIIB T135°C Dc
Applied Standards EN 60079-0; Explosive atmospheres - Part 0: Equipment - General requirements

EN 60079-15; Explosive atmospheres - Part 15 : Equipment protection by type of protection "n"

EN 60079-31; Explosive atmospheres - Part 31: Equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure "t"