5-Step Fan Regulator

ATEX Certified.

5 step fan regulator, atex Certified
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ATEX Certified

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  • Certified for ATEX zone 2 and 22
  • Can be placed inside hazardous area
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Energy efficient
  • Silent operation transformer technology


To ensure optimal comfort, we can supply our ATEX space heaters with an ATEX room thermostat and ATEX 5-step fan regulator.

For regulating the temperature within the hazardous area, we anufactured an explosion proof room thermostat. Also a special designed explosion proof 5-step fan speed regulator can be delivered as an accessory. So you can easily adjust the heating power in your hazardous area. The 5 step fan regulator is placed in a robust control cabinet, that can be placed inside the hazardous area.

ATEX room thermostat and ATEX 5-step fan regulator are supplied with:

  • ATEX marking
  • CE-Marking (generated according to ISO 9001-2000 quality system)
  • Declaration of conformity category 3G/D
  • Installation instructions for hazardous areas
  • User manual

Specifications: ATEX 5-Step Fan Regulator

General Technical Specifications

Thermostat Siemens
Housing Stainless Sheet
Number of steps 13 - 5 steps
LxWxH (mm)
300 x 200 x 150
Mounting 4 mounting brackets
Stainless steel version of the ATEX panel.

Explosion Safety Specifications (ATEX)

EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX 114)
ATEX marking gas ATEX Zone 2: <Ex> II 3G Ex ic nA T4
ATEX marking dust ATEX Zone 22: <Ex> II 3D Ex ic tc T120°C
Applied Standards EN 60079-0; Explosive atmospheres - Part 0: Equipment - General requirements

EN 60079-11; Explosive atmospheres – Part 11 : Equipment protection by intrinsic safety "i"

EN 60079-15; Explosive atmospheres - Part 15 : Equipment protection by type of protection "n"

EN 60079-31; Explosive atmospheres - Part 31: Equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure "t"